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At the Delsol Group, we have in stock a wide range of fences in various styles and sizes: wooden fences, pool fencing, frost fencing, chain link fence, etc. We will find the style that suits you and the price that suits you.

However, installing a fence in Mascouche is not as simple a project as it looks. It requires planning as well as a skilled workforce in order to properly install your fence.

Several styles, one single quality

Here is a short list of things to plan the next installation of your fence:

  • Determine the usefulness of your fence: Will it serve to maintain your privacy between your property and that of your neighbors? Will it serve to secure the perimeter surrounding your in-ground pool? Should it act as a barrier to prevent your pets from escaping? All of his questions will determine which type of fence will be the most appropriate for your property. For example, if you are installing a safety fence for your animals, consider the height required so that they do not pass over or under, and avoid sharp peaks that could inadvertently hurt your four-legged companions.
  • Check municipal rules and standards: Know the municipal bylaws and standards in your area. There may be standards governing the minimum and maximum height of your fences, the distance between your property and your neighbors, or even the permitted materials and styles. Sometimes, you may also need to obtain a building permit.
  • Determine the location: The installation of a fence can sometimes become a source of conflict between neighbors ... This is why we advise to discuss with your neighbors before installing a new fence. Check if the location you have chosen is right with your neighbors, or if you can separate installation costs if for example the fence is touching your two lots.

Why choose us

Why choose Groupe Delsol for the installation of wooden fences in Mascouche?

  • 2 years guarantee on the labor of our workers, the products and materials.
  • It's choosing a company being certified distributors of GPE branded products of superior quality.
  • It is sure to do business with installers certified by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and who are always ready to put their expertise at your service.
  • It's a team of experts who can offer you the best advice in terms of fencing, look, design and functionality.
  • It’s to ensure compliance with the standards of your municipality.

In addition to serving the city of Mascouche, the Delsol Group is able to extend its services to the cities of Laval, Montreal, Mirabel and even on the South Shore. We are proud to hire specialists who can offer you exceptional quality services and who know how to make each fencing installation unique and adapted to your needs. Our experience and our know-how are our strength.

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