French drains professional in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore

French drains professional in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore

Did you know that there is an exceptional drainage solution if you have problems with water infiltration or if you have detected cracks in the foundation of your building? Eh yes! If it is installed by professionals, such as those from Groupe Delsol, French drains prove to be an excellent option to save you a lot of the costs caused by the ravages of water. Read on to find out more about our new French drain installation and maintenance service or contact us today.

A French drain? What’s that?

In a few words, the French drain is a pipe that is installed at the base of the foundation of a house, and this, in order to facilitate the flow of excess water that accumulates around this last. This avoids many damages, such as water infiltration and the appearance of toxic molds or fungi that can cause respiratory problems. Several types of drainage pipe are available on the market, such as the flexible polyethylene drain, the standard flexible polyethylene drain and the pvc / bnq drain.

How is a French drain installed?

To install a French drain, one must first proceed to the excavation of a trench around the foundation of the house. This must be done by professionals because the ground can hide many utility connections (such as electricity, gas, sewer, etc.). We just put the drain in the bottom, as close as possible to the foundation, while ensuring that the ground is sloped to encourage dripping. The pipe is then covered with approximately 6 inches of crushed gravel before installing a geotextile membrane to prevent sediment build-up. Finally, we cover everything with a permeable soil.

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