Interlocking Stones


The interlocking stone allows you to completely adapt your landscaping to the style of your home. Our paving stone experts know how to produce a high quality finish.

For large and small projects. Always the highest quality. 


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10 years of experience installing interlocking stones

There are several uses for paving stones: you can choose it for the construction of an outdoor interlocking stone terrace, you can add a stone border to your driveway or you can even decorate your patio with stone in order to give it a timeless look.

Groupe Delsol has a mastery of techniques and materials for laying paving stones in order to create the layout of your dreams.

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The installation process of paving stones is intricate and requires a high level of expertise. Groupe Delsol employs professional techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every phase of the installation, from the ground preparation to the final placement of the pavers, is executed with precision. This meticulous approach guarantees the longevity and stability of the paving stone surfaces, ensuring that they remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

It is essential that the work is carried out by professionals. Laying interlocking stone requires several complex steps that must be carried out using very specific techniques.

For example, the installation of paving stones includes a mini-excavation of your land, leveling of the land, compaction of the stone in addition to effective drainage in order to prevent the paving stones from undergoing change. due to an accumulation of water under the stones.

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