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Are you about to embark on new construction or renovation work? DELSOL gives you valuable advice on choosing your builder. The goal? TO PROTECT YOU!

Between empty promises and botched work, it is not unusual to stumble onto the wrong person when it comes to construction work... It is not easy to choose the contractor to whom you entrust your property and buildings, whether they are residential or commercial. It is therefore important to take note of certain points in order to calm your construction work.

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Administrative Agreements

As far as administrative arrangements are concerned, the first thing to check is the RBQ license. Make sure your contractor / builder has a valid license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (LINK). This license authorizes contractors and builders-owners to perform their duties legally.

Does your builder pay taxes at the provincial and federal levels? How does this affect liability? As future clients you have the right to require compliance letters and supporting documents. Indeed, it is important to get personal assurance. Once these prerequisites are confirmed: reliability is at its highest!

TRUST must be the defining keyword in the relationship between you and the entrepreneur. To ensure this, you can inquire about the reputation of your builder. Have there ever been complaints? If so, does the builder take the time to answer it? You will find all his answers on the web and at the Office de la protection du consommateur (LINK). Check the specific warranties! On the workforce? You must be assured of the guarantee of the chosen contractor and the modalities generated.

To avoid unpleasant surprises you can also control the address of your manufacturer, even why not go there. Check with the business register. Has it closed? Has it changed name? The past of a company can be revealing!

Financial Agreements

And what about the financial aspect? It would be a shame to have to redo your excavation too often for example, so be careful: attractive and absurdly low prices are not necessarily synonymous with quality. Of course, contact is very important. You must be comfortable and confident with the representative of the company. If not, do not hire!

To keep your work safe, you can check with the banks to make sure your builder is approved to provide financing to their customers.

Does your builder claim a deposit of more than $500? Abort! It's not a good sign... Never accept a deposit as high as this amount before the work starts.

If everything checks out, you can rest easy. Now, you only have one thing left to do...

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