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Your landscaping is not just about your lawn and garden… Landscaping your property also passes through your driveway, your driveway to the house in addition to your fences. However, we can agree that in order to benefit from landscaping, there is nothing better than to call on a professional company in this area!

At Groupe Delsol, we are proud to surround ourselves with experts and competent professionals to ensure the installation of quality fences in Terrebonne. We rely on a wide range of fences of different styles, brands and materials: whether you need a “frost” fence, a glazed pool fence, or an ornamental and decorative fence, we will find you the model that suits you and that fits your budget.

Choose us as your partners for the realization of your project! Our specialists will transform your dream project into a reality.




The first step to consider before proceeding to the installation of your fence in Terrebonne is to determine the utility of your fence. For example, is the fence only used to maintain your privacy between your property and that of your neighbors? Should it, on the contrary, ensure that your pets do not flee from your home? Where does it act as a safety barrier for your children around your in-ground pool? Whatever the reason for the installation of your fence, these questions will help you identify your needs and the right choice for you. For example, if your fence serves to protect your children from the pool, consider choosing a glass fence so you can keep an eye on your children at all times.

Then, take the time to check the rules and standards governing the installation of fences in the Terrebonne area: minimum or maximum height, necessary distance separating your property from that of your neighbors, materials, styles and decorations authorized in your area, etc. In certain areas, you must also apply for a building permit with the city of Terrebonne to proceed with the installation of your fence. Take a few moments to check everything and avoid a lot of hassle afterwards.

Finally, determine the exact location where your fence will be placed. To do this, you may need to talk to your neighbors to avoid conflict. By sharing common ground, make sure the fence installation is on your property and not theirs. Otherwise, you could discuss an arrangement with your neighbors and maybe even separate the installation costs.




For more than 10 years now, the Delsol Group has been working on the installation of fences around Terrebonne. We have developed an incomparable expertise in the field, whether for the installation of residential or commercial fencing. Our company specializes in the sale and sustainable installation of all types of fences that will be adapted to your needs, and that know how to combine privacy and security on your property.

The Delsol Group inc. you guarantee superior quality of service at very competitive prices. This allows us to distance ourselves from our competition and which is our growing reputation. So look no further; experts in fencing installations in Terrebonne, it’s the Delsol Group!

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