Landscaping Company, Concrete Pavement and Asphalt

in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore

Maximize the beauty of your property!

At Delsol, it’s part of our mission to support you throughout the whole project. We work with you to create the style and feeling you want.


High Resolution 3D Renderings

We create a 3D PLAN of your design to help you visualize the final product better.





Our dynamic team is also able to take care of the installation of synthetic turf or natural peat, but also to proceed to the earthwork of your residence, or to concretize a path or even to redo an entry or a parking lot in asphalt. No matter what work is done: our machinery and expertise will always be exemplary to meet your requirements.


For the paving stone or for landscaping, the choice of materials and colors should always correspond to your vision of a place where life is good.

We serve Montreal, Laval, Mirabel and the North Shore, our specialists offer quality services, making the choice to collaborate with us is opting for quality and aesthetics in the long term.

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