Snow Removal

in Laval

Snow removal in Laval and Mirabel

If there is one thing the Canadian winter offers that nobody wants to take care of, it is removing all that snow that accumulates in our residential and commercial driveways. For over a decade in Laval, there is a dynamic team that is more than willing to handle this.

Our experienced professionals have machinery that adapts to your bigger and smaller needs, including removing the snow in a parking lot.

Your total satisfaction and much-deserved tranquility are of utmost importance to us, every day of winter. Our fast and courteous service, 24/7, is what we are known for. We are always respectful of different elements in your environment. Delsol Group is there for you, to make sure you make the most out of your winter.

We serve de cities of Laval (St-Vincent-de-Paul and Val-des-Brises
districts only) and Mirabel (Domaine Vert Nord only)

We now use the snow removal management system Followsoft, which warns clients about our tractors passing by, final passes, and helps guide our drivers via geolocalisation, in order to offer the best service possible.

Our snow removal team will pass when snow accumulates to 5cm,
in sync with your city's snow scrapers.

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